winnebago warrior (dead kennedys) remember in spaceballs when they drove a winnebago through space ?

bicycle race (queen) what if freddy mercury were president ?

son of a mustang ford (swervedriver) from their first album raise, this is sonic road rage 

girl on a motorbike (swervedriver)  from their classic album, mezcal head

drive it all over me (my bloody valentine)  put this on your headphones.

put the message in the box (world party)  after 3 years in the waterboys, karl wallinger went on to form this band that had some groovey tunes.

goddess on a highway (mercury rev) from 1998’s deserter’s songs, this definately fits our road mix.

driving on 9 (the breeders) the Deal sisters are two of the best people to ever come out of ohio.

precision auto (superchunk) is this hyper enough for you ?

jesus built my hotrod (ministry) featuring gibby haynes from butthole surfers on vocals