environmentally concious hip hop duo HERBIVORES is bgenius (aka bgreene) and “da grizza.” currently, they collaborate between 2 different cities on opposite coasts.  here, in a DTS exclusive, they interview each other.

b : hey grizz … name some of your influences/inspirations ?  some of mine are john lennon, mlk jr.

grizz : china white, purple haze, dominoes

b : nice … ok … some common themes that we cover in our rhymes are vegetarianism, personal responsibility, and of course, weed … let’s talk about these topics.  i’ll start …

    – vegetarianism

     the best thing you can do for your body, mind, the planet, and most importantly, animals.  i feel it’s the proper way to live life not just with what i eat (i eat alot of nutz) but what clothing i wear, what choices i make as a consumer, etc.

    – personal responsibility

    everyone’s responsibility as a HUMAN.  i throw my rubbish in proper receptacles, i clean up after my dog.

    – weed

    white widow, kush, northern lights …

grizz : i don’t eat anything with eyez.  i don’t need the guilt of something watching me whilst i eat on it.

b : word.  HERBIVORES are also anti-thug.  we hate that thug gangster bullshit.

grizz : i don’t care.  live and let live.  i’ve got a stretched hummer filled with packing peanuts.  just kidding.  that shit would be frivolous and wasteful.  keep ya head up.

b : and lastly, give me a 5 song mix … here’s mine :

  • don’t try so hard (queen)
  • the end (escape key)
  • bronx cheer (mercury rev)
  • reel (jawbox)
  • tommy gun angel (bardo pond)

grizz :

  • burn (deep purple)
  • still ill (the smiths)
  • never turn your back on mother earth (sparks)
  • blue eyes crying in the rain (willie nelson)
  • sleep walking (santo and johnny)


there ya have it folks …  keep an ear and eye out for HERBIVORES