what i’m currently rockin.  ah …  my first post to DTS.  here we go …

“The Moon and the Melodies”/Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd
the cocteaus may not exist anymore, but robin guthrie is pretty consistantly putting out stuff whether it’s a film soundtrack or a solo album …  and we just saw him perform a few weeks ago which is very rare in these parts !  visually and sonically amazing !

“The Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Taste”/Ministry
haven’t really listened to them since the days of high skool.  takes me back.

The Jesus Lizard
’nuff said

“Exploded Drawing”/Polvo
90’s chapel hill greats polvo have recently reunited and we saw them back in june in nyc and a few weeks back at ATP.  they were one of the more anticipated acts and one of the highlights of the festival weekend !

“Get Used To It Fast”/Bio & Hills West
LI electronic hip hop duo that will have you thinking you’re listening to the best hip hop around … and you’d be right.

“1000 Hurts”, “At Action Park”/Shellac
shellac rules! steve albini’s (big black, rapeman, engineer of many a good album) dirty guitar, todd trainer’s sick drumming, with bob weston holding down the rhythm. AWESOME.

stay tuned …